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Drum Circle- 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, 9pm
Bring a drum or instrument- or use one of ours! Hosted by FELIX. Bring yourself and friends and come feel the inner beat and let loose.

Rap Around the World- 1st and 3rd Friday of Each Month 9pm
Enjoy a free styling open mic event, hosted by The Sleep Junkys. Pass the mic and spit some beats, jam along with the house band, bring some friends and enjoy our kava menu, CBD drink bar, and pair with an oxygen session.

Comedy Night- Every Wednesday of the month. 9pm
Bring some friends or just yourself to watch local comedians tell jokes and stories. Anyone is welcome to join or sign up. 

Open Mic- 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. 9pm
Comedians, Jazz, Rap, House band, poetry, scripture, karaoke- anybody is welcome to perform anything! Sign up, grab a spot and showcase your material to locals. We have a variety of different groups performing and each time we have so much fun! Check out our Instagram @cbdcaferoom for videos and pictures!

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